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Now you can throw out those books and spend your show time better – entertaining guests With Protation Guest Software on a PC or laptop placed for your guests, they will love to browse the digital  book and put in their  song choices, just like with song request slips – then the magic of the hosting software kicks in to list the requests, to play as you choose or on full auto ! Now with CELL PHONE signup ! See Feature List  for details.Find the right song, put the guests into rotation order with you in total control, or fully automatic. You can even run  “On Demand” karaoke that will play a guest’s choice when they sign up…unattended – Great for those home Karaoke parties too!


Short feature list:

  • PROtation Karaoke Hosting Software Suite allows guests to view books and submit requests from  Guest terminal(s), Cell Phones , Iphone, Android, Netbook,  or any device with web browser.  Provide your guests with a simple, quick alternative to song books and slips. They don’t even need to leave their seats !
  • See Web sign up demo at www.karaokebook.net
  • (*cell/web requires internet connection or hot spot)
  • Guest terminals can be attractive touch screen kiosk or almost any old laptop .
  • Plays more file types, cd+ g formats plus most video formats.(full list see Feature List)
  • Free Download and Full Function Trial – demo version


  • The only karaoke hosting program that accepts requests digitally from terminals or the web into the host’s player.
  • Free support – even for Demo versions, no purchase required.
  • Search for YouTube karaoke videos for special requests.
  • plays embedded or downloaded mp4 Files (internet connection required)
  • The most important tools for making your show the best, whether with a mobile host or House system. Be sure to check out the Feature List



This program has an absolutely free download demo version. All you have to do is visit our demo page to receive the full trial version of the software. Bring your karaoke to life!

Demo Download


You can read our entire list of features in our features list. The main thing is you will be seeing more success with your karaoke experience  if you use this program to full  effect!

Feature List